Glimpse of Gorgeous: Fall Favorites (part I)

It was about January of last year when my roommates and I discovered black nail polish. I had always secretly wanted to try it because Lauren Conrad wore it on an episode of The Hills, but I’ve never been a big fan of bold colors on my fingers. Finally my roommate, Sherri took the first step, bought a bottle at the drugstore in Blacksburg, and we made our black nail debut at a Justin Timberlake concert a few days later. At first we looked a little emo, but we tried to glam it up as much as possible, and before I knew it, I was on eBay everyday bidding on bottles and bottles of Chanel Black Satin Le Vernis Nail Colour (and losing every single time).

This season, Chanel has released another “it” color that is much more my style: Tulipe Noire a.k.a Black Tulip. Because the colors this fall are much more neutral and classic, the warm color brings balance and feminity with a slight shimmer to boot!

Black Tulip is already a big hit and has sent my fellow eBay’ers into a buying frenzy. I recommend grabbing a bottle at the Chanel counter or ordering one offline (about $19.00) before it joins Black Satin in the MIA Nail Color category.

No matter how you like your nail polish, be creative with it (I dare you to do a Louboutin nail!), be glamorous, and be GORGEOUS!

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