Glimpse of Gorgeous: Fall Favorites (part III)

We’ve learned about upcoming trends for fall, painted our nails tulipe noire and accessorized with Dominique Cohen. But what outfit would be complete without the most fabulous pair (or pairs) of shoes?

Everywhere I look, I am seeing cap toed shoes, and I want them all. From Target to Charlotte Russe, to Chanel, their elegance seems to be contagious as boxes filled with shoes embodying all the feeling of 1950’s glamour fly off their shelves.

In 1957, Coco Chanel released her first line of shoes with a pair of black and white cap toed heels. 50 years later, cap toes are as fabulous and as glamorous as ever not only in Chanel’s signature black and white but every color and pattern imaginable. This trend is not limited to just classic pumps either. I have seen this trend done with flats, sling-backs, and ankle boots too.

For a timeless look, try doing a black on black or black and white cap toe (pictured on the left) in a pump or even a sling-back for a more modern approach. Can’t afford Chanel? Yeah, me neither! Guess makes a similarly amazing shoe for 1/10th of the price and Target also has a variety of really adorable flats great for walking to class in.

I can’t think of a better way for Fall 2007 to bring classy back than by wearing a gorgeous pair of cap toed shoes and by (of course) being GORGEOUS!

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