Glimpse of Gorgeous: Girls Just Wanna Wear Flip Flops

There are only two kinds of shoes in the world that I love: high heels, and flip flops. All other shoes were created for whatever annoying, un-fun activity we may have to do in life. For example, sneakers for sports and working out, flats for walking long distances and dating short men, Uggs for being ugly (and winter…okay, okay), etc.

I cannot hide my excitement for summer, and flip flops are certainly one of my favorite things about the season. However, the wearing of these incredibly cute shoes is not to be taken lightly. There are rules that must be followed:

1. DO wear them with dresses, jeans, and shorts.

2. DON'T wear rubber flip flops unless you’re in a public restroom or at the beach.

3. DO match your flip flops with your outfit.

4. DON'T wear them to a formal event, or if it is unusually chilly outside.

5. DO buy more than one pair in fun colors and fabrics.

I grew up just minutes from the ocean, and no matter where this crazy life may take me, I still will always be a beach bum at heart. So head out to the beach, give your feet a break, follow the rules, and be GORGEOUS!

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