Glimpse of Gorgeous: Guaranteed Glam

They take you from ghastly to glamorous in 4.2 seconds (or as fast as you can reach into your bag and put them on). In the June 2007 issue of Harpers Bazaar, Nicole Richie claimed to have “6 or 7 pairs” of them in her purse. This summer’s trend list can’t seem to get enough of them, and I know I sure can’t. Sunglasses. They are in, they are versatile, they are everywhere this season, and they are bringing glamorous back .

This summer, sunglasses are taking us back to that good ole classic feeling with vintage, round and cat-eye frames in every color. The bigger the better, in my own personal opinion. Throw on a pair of retro-style shades for instant chic. Wear them to the beach, to run errands, or don them in the evening a la Holly Golightly.

Whether you are covering up the bags under your eyes, protecting yourself from the sun, or eating a croissant outside of Tiffany’s, leave the aviators and “stunnas” at home, for a more Old Hollywood feel and be GORGEOUS!

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