Glimpse of Gorgeous: Holiday Dress Do's and Don'ts

Tis the season to be jolly, to give and not receive, and to throw and/or attend as many holiday parties as possible. But what shall I wear? Well, that really depends on a few things: who is throwing the party? what time is the party? and where is it at? After taking these things into consideration, use your discretion, and these helpful tips:

DO: Select a dress in a jewel tone like emerald, deep purple, royal blue, or red. These colors are very festive and look great on everyone.

DON’T: Holiday sweaters are a no-no. I don’t care how much class you think you have or how adorable those little snowmen with the jingle bells are. Leave the ugly-sweater-wearing for your Great Aunt Mabel.

DO: Accessorize with tights. I am really loving this trend right now. The right pair of textured or colored tights can really transform an outfit. Plus, your legs will stay warm

DON’T: The whole “slutty santa” thing is gross. Don’t do it. Wear clothes, real clothes and leave the santa hat at home.

DO: Wear wide-leg trousers as a dress alternative. Be sure to pair it with a dressy, fitted top, to achieve a sophisticated, put together look.

DON’T: Sparkles and tinsel look fantastic on your Christmas tree, but you just look silly! Limit yourself to one sequined item or try to save the sparkles for the accessories.

DO: Pair your dresses with mid-calf or ankle boots. FYI- Uggs don’t count as boots…

DO: Have a fabulous holiday season, use a DD if you’ve been drinking, and at this time of the year and always, be GORGEOUS!

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