Glimpse of Gorgeous: Holiday Hair Do's and Don'ts

After you find that perfect party dress, you may have the urge to make an appointment to get your hair professionally done. This is completely acceptable if you simply have too much money on your hands (if this is the case, make checks payable to Melanie K. Harris) or if you are going to a VIP party with Lauren and Audrina. If this isn’t the case, here are some tips for achieving that perfect salon look without spending any money.

DO: Straighten your hair stick straight. It looks really elegant, but not like you tried too hard.

DON’T: High school is over, sorry ladies! Gone are the days of elaborate up-do’s complete with twisties, tight ringlets, oh, and glitter hairspray! PS- those “hair” scrunchies (the ones made of hair) are gross!

DO: By now, you should know that I looovvveee Audrey! French twists are very Audrey and très classic.

DON’T: You may be consumed with this overwhelming need for lots and lots of tight curls held in place by lots of hairspray. This is a bad idea. If your hair makes a cracking noise when you bend it, it’s time to check- in to hairspray rehab.

DO:However, a few loose curls is glamorous and will definitely turn heads.

DON’T: Getting a new haircut may be a great way to start off the new year, but I wouldn’t recommend getting one a few hours before a big party. If you hate it, you’ll be self-conscious all night.

DO: Spend that money you saved on a mani/pedi or a new pair of shoes, dance all night, and be GORGEOUS!

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