Glimpse of Gorgeous: “Jean-ius” Trends for Fall

I’ve anticipated this my whole life and I’ve finally reached the age where I am able to see trends come full circle. I remember my wide-leg jean days as if they were only yesterday. I remember when “Flares” were the pant. I remember when extra-wanna-see-my-underwear-low was the only acceptable rise, and of course, I remember skinny jeans because hey! they were here only yesterday.

I love trends. I love watching them, predicting them, practicing them, and then seeing them come full-circle. Fall’s fashion has some of the most fabulous denim yet, with a few repeats from seasons’ past including, but never limited to high-waists, wide-legs, and colors! Rich, vivacious colors!

High waisted pants are not the same as mom-jeans, so stop yelling at the computer screen. Look for a tailored, figure- flattering fit that minimizes your waist.. When shopping for wide-leg denim, try a midrise and a straight, wide leg that gives consistency from your hips to your ankles. Dark washes give an even more slimming effect. And yes, I know colored denim is scary, but think of it as an adventure. Skinny jeans in muted colors work best. I recommend grey (it’s big this season!), navy, black or another neutral tone, but all you really need is confidence and a great pair of heels to pull them off!

Just like any other trend, especially those of the denim nature, approach with caution. Do what’s best for your body type and know that being fashionable and looking good are not always synonymous. However, don’t let let fear of failure get in the way of trying new things (like a purple, or a high-waisted jean).

Jeans are what we live our lives in, and finding the most flattering, fabulous pair is essential to any fashionista. So, now that you know, I can only think of two things left to do. Go shopping! and be GORGEOUS!

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