Glimpse of Gorgeous: Just Another Reason to Watch The Hills

You should know by now that I am completely obsessed with The Hills on MTV. I never change the channel on a rerun and I own the first and second seasons on DVD. I love the LA scene and the drama (as long as it doesn’t carry into my life) and most of all, I love the fashion.

I have been jealous of Lauren and Whitney from the very beginning. There is nothing I want more than to work for a big name fashion magazine, and while Teen Vogue is no Harper’s Bazaar, I would be there in a second. I’ve watched them grow and now that Whitney is at People’s Revolution I find myself thinking that I could totally do fashion PR

Well, Lauren released her clothing line, The Lauren Conrad Collection last Fall, and now Whitney, the more fashion forward of the two, is releasing her line, Eve & A this Fall.

If you thought The Lauren Conrad Collection was fabulous, sister, you ain’t seen nothing yet. Whitney’s line is unbelievably chic and even more affordable than Lauren’s line with prices ranging from $40-$250. Her line was set to debut in the Movement showroom at LA Fashion Week, just a few weeks ago.

From what I’ve read on the gossip blogs and an excerpt from WWD, her line consists of 17 pieces, mostly dresses, but including a couple of garments that may be adjusted and worn several different ways. Her color palette consists mostly of black and grey pieces with punches of blue, purple, and pink.

Judging from what I’ve seen on The Hills I think that fashion is where Whitney’s talents lie, and as a devoted fan, I feel so proud of her and wish her the best of luck!

And while she may not win any Miss Congeniality awards any time soon, Heidi Montag, the Hills star we all love to hate has also teamed up with Anchorblue to release a clothing line, Heidiwood which debuts next week.

I can’t pretend to be a huge fan of LA fashion, but I do know talent when I see it, and while she may not be the most affluent speaker, Whitney Port is 100% fashionista 150% visionary. I say we keep watching The Hills for glimpses of Eve & A. After all, new episodes of Gossip Girl are still two weeks away. And while you’re watching reruns on MTV and pining for Mondays at 10 p.m., be GORGEOUS

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