Glimpse of Gorgeous: The Lauren Conrad Collection

Even back in the Laguna Beach days, I knew we could be friends. Lauren “LC” Conrad had a certain poise that her other female counterparts did not possess. We still saw her as vulnerable and I’m not going to lie, after she came home from San Francisco, I thought that was the end, but she kept going.

Some people say that she got where she is today just because of fame and publicity, but I know better than to think that’s all it takes. I remember her first day at fashion school and her interview at Teen Vogue, just like it was yesterday…

Now, Lauren Conrad is on her way to achieving her dreams. Before she rivaled Kristin, dated Jason, lived with Heidi, or hooked up with Brody, Lauren wanted to be a fashion designer. The Lauren Conrad collection is now available online and in select stores across the country.

The collection features over 40 casual-chic pieces named for Conrad’s closest friends and family. Yes, there is an Audrina dress and a Whitney dress. The pieces are inspired by clothes that she and her friends would want to wear, and everything is very down to earth and relatively inexpensive.

There is definitely a sense of LA style that shines through in all of these pieces. They are very wear-and-go. Now, I am not extremely fond of LA fashion, but I can tell that she is on the right track.

What I find most inspiring is not the clothes themselves, but the people behind the clothes and the inspiration that Lauren drew from them. I admire the fact that she didn’t sell out just because she is successful, rich, and famous. She had a dream, worked hard, and chased after it.

No matter where your passions lie, don’t settle for fame or money, go after your dream, make it happen, and be GORGEOUS!

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