Glimpse of Gorgeous: Long dresses, short dresses and patterns, oh my!

Dresses; women have been wearing dresses since the beginning of time. First they were made of leaves, and then came the cave collection made out of bearskins and buffalo, perhaps there was a dinosaur trend in dresses for awhile… There has been hoop dresses and corset dresses, and dresses with poofy sleeves, and sequined dresses, short dresses, long dresses and everything in between. It seems that no matter how the times change, the utility and fabulousness of the dress has survived.

Summer 2008 marks the second summer of the dress. Much like last year, the dress is the epitome of summer fashion. It is fun, flirty, easy, and versatile and this summer’s dresses come in bright creative prints and many different lengths.

One of the biggest re-inventions of the dress this season is the long flowy summer dress. This trend hasn’t really been big since the seventies, and I’m sure there are flower-children everywhere celebrating its return. The thing I like about the long summer dress is that it radiates comfort. Not only are these dresses actually comfortable, but they look comfortable and relaxed, yet totally classy and sophisticated. Wear these dresses with gladiator sandals or flip flops for day, and you can even pair them with a strappy high-heeled sandal for evening.

Another trend in dresses this summer is the mini-dress. This trend is nothing new, but it keeps re-appearing and continues to remain très chic. Just watch out for high winds, events where you might have to sit down, and other potential “Britney” moments.

No matter what length your dress is, florals and patterns are everywhere. Select the pattern based on how you want to wear the dress, looking for louder brighter patterns for day and more subdued patterns for night.

Now that you know what to look for, start stocking up on these easy summer trends, if you haven’t already. They are perfect for those mornings when you just cannot decide what to wear, toss on a summer dress and you are sure to be GORGEOUS!

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