Glimpse of Gorgeous: My Love Affair with Urban Decay

It all started when we got a Sephora in my hometown. Last time I visited my mom, I had shopping money, gas money, food money, and Sephora money. When I walk into that glorious store, I can hear the angels singing, welcoming me home. Much like Tiffany’s and Target, I am convinced that nothing bad could ever happen at Sephora.

I have been a die-hard MAC cosmetics lover for several years, but lately, I have been cheating on MAC with my new lover, Urban Decay. Although I have an extensive collection of MAC eye shadows, I have a serious issue with the color staying on my eyes. I have tried different primers and brushes, but it just won’t stay put. Urban Decay, however, sticks to my lids and stays put all day and I don’t even have to use a primer. I am so in love.

My favorite thing about MAC is the wide color selection, and the fact that being at the counter makes me feel like I am at the club. Urban Decay has a much more laid-back approach, but the shadows and liners are all vibrantly colored and all of the products come in adorable cases and packaging.

I recommend the Ammo Eyeshadow Palette and the Eyeshadow Transforming Potion, which allows you to turn your favorite shadow into a liquid liner. For the lips, try Shot-O-Gloss, they are pretty and taste really good.

If you’ve never had an encounter with Urban Decay or Sephora in general, you are certainly missing out, but no matter who your cosmetics lover is, be GORGEOUS!

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