Glimpse of Gorgeous: Naturally Gorgeous!

While I was watching the Miss USA pageant last Friday night, I noticed that every single girl had a couple of things in common. In addition to having flawless bodies and extremely white teeth, they all had straight silky hair. Now, I’m sure that all of them came from the womb perfectly tanned with straight teeth and luscious locks. Right? Hardly…

Why is it that we have developed such a fixed perception of beauty that all 51 of our Miss USA contestants, white, black, Hispanic and Asian, are nearly identical? Are there any natural beauties left in the world?, an organization for women with naturally curly locks, wrote a letter to Oprah after a recent makeover episode. Concern rose after an African American woman with a natural afro was “made over” and given long, silky straight hair.

While I acknowledge that straight hair is indeed gorgeous, so is curly hair and kinky hair and any other hair. While you have the power, as a woman, to wear your hair however you want, you shouldn’t feel pressured to conform to a certain beauty standard.

Embrace who you are, if we all looked the same life would be so lame. Take your natural features and wear them with confidence like the fabulous diva you are. Accentuate your curly locks or fair skin. If you have freckles, don’t cover them up because they are what make you unique (and not in an annoying, let’s all hold hands way). Life is not a Miss USA pageant and straight hair is not all it’s cracked up to be. Love yourself and all of your natural features and be (naturally) GORGEOUS!

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