Glimpse of Gorgeous: No Karate Necessary

With Menswear making a comeback this season, everything from shapeless tunics to boxy jackets and boyfriend sweaters are in full fledge. If you are to even attempt these trends, you must first learn how to do so without looking like you got dressed out of your dad’s closet. The answer to this is simple, my dear fashionistas: Belts! Hardware-rocking, leather shining, so chic, waist cinching belts!

Your belt should flow with your outfit. Although you may want to make a statement with a little bit of metal, don’t overdo it. Tacky is not hot! Patent leather is huge this season, but you should also try an 80’s hook belt or perhaps one made from fabric or chain. Thickness is also a really playful element ranging from about a half inch to corset-like belts with triple buckles.

In order to accomplish a feminine look in a masculine sweater or jacket, a belt should be secured at the most narrow part of the waist. This brings a slimming effect and draws attention away from any problem areas that may exist.

When shopping for a belt, keep in mind that plastic and pleather look exactly how they are: Cheap. Leather contours and accentuates the waist better. It also lasts longer. Also, your belt should be able to be worn on the second or third notch if it has holes. I don’t care how thin you are, if your belt protrudes three inches from your side, you look like you are suffocating and if it is too tight, you simply look uncomfortable.

Look to these hot accessories to take you from frumpy to fab instantly. Experiment with layering several thin belts at a time or use a colorful belt to add a punch of color to a neutral colored sweater, and don’t let flashy studs or metallic hardware intimidate you.

This season’s menswear aside, just look at this as another opportunity to be feminine and to be GORGEOUS!

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