Glimpse of Gorgeous: Save Your Face!

This is a story of a girl who did not wash her face or remove her make-up for the first nineteen years of her life. Although this girl was her, Melanie Harris does not condone this behavior in any way, it may mean long-term consequences for your skin. Compulsive face washers, be advised…

College is full of all-night study sessions, and parties at 3 a.m. Stress from schoolwork and lack of sleep can definitely take its toll on a girl’s body, let me tell you. Sometimes it’s all I can do to force myself into the bathroom to brush my teeth (especially after falling asleep mid-study), much less take off my make-up and moisturize, but I try to do it, if for no one else, but me and my face.

Somehow, I won the genetic lottery, as far as my complexion is concerned. I rarely break-out and am plagued only by the occasional blackhead or pimple. I never thought my skin could look any better, and frankly, I was afraid to find out what would happen. This mindset, however, drove my make-up artist/beauty expert friend crazy this summer when we lived together. When she did my make-up, she would pin-point little flaws on my face (lovingly, of course) and assure me that I did, in fact, need to take care of my face. For Christmas, she put together a gift-basket of face care products, and out of curiosity, I gave them a try.

Within a week of beginning a skincare routine, I noticed a dramatic difference in the appearance and texture of my face. It is still as clear as it ever was, but it seemed to be healthier and almost glowing. Since my face-washing epiphany, I remove my make-up (almost) every night before bed and take time to use toner and moisturizer to balance the pH. I can honestly say that the 5 minutes of sleep lost is totally worth it.

College will be college. There will always be sleep-deprived nights, midnight pizza deliveries, and Thursday night parties. Your face didn’t ask for it, and it shouldn’t have to suffer. Take care of it by providing it with the nutrients it needs. Take off your make-up before bed, and use sunscreen. Drink lots of water and moisturize during the winter. After all, your face is going to be around for a long time, don’t you think it has the right to be healthy and be GORGEOUS?

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