Glimpse of Gorgeous: Show a Little Leg

Soon, the last finals will be taken, the papers will be written, the presentations given and we will all need one big nap. After recovering from the stress of finals, people will hit the beach, summer internships, and um, of course, the shopping! What shall we buy to celebrate this independence from homework assignments and grumpy professors? Why, shorts, of course!

Now there are two different kinds of shorts my dears: the ones you must buy right this second, and the ones you must stay away from at all costs.

Let me start off by warning you about the dangers of short wearing. First of all, they must fit. Nobody likes to look like a popped can of biscuits with all sorts of skin coming out at inappropriate places. Second of all, as much as we adore Daisy Duke, her fashion choices are not practical for daily life. The short cut-offs and short, cropped shirts are trashy, please darlings, avoid them, you will thank me later. Also, stay away from anything clingy or with too much bulk, it will distort your figure and cause people to look at you, but not in a good way.

The shorts you must place on your shopping list are tailored, straight, and well-fitted, not too short, not too baggy, just right. I am not seeing an overwhelming demand for denim shorts, but if you must, please have them cover your entire rear and avoid giving people the impression that they may come unravelled at any moment. Look for linen shorts and shorts in light summer fabrics. If you are self-conscious about your thighs, do a longer short, just make sure you keep it feminine. Experiment with colored shorts and definitely do a black short for evening.

If your shorts are more form-fitting, pair them with a flowy shirt and if your shorts have more volume, do a fitted shirt or blouse to compliment them. I absolutely LOVE heels and shorts together. Who am I kidding? I love heels all of the time, but especially with shorts for going out at night. During the day, cute flip flops, and gladiator sandals are perfect for running errands or having lunch with the girls.

All of the end of the semester stress will be over before you can say “Let’s go shopping!” so write those papers, study hard, and jot down your shopping list in the margin. Don’t forget to breathe and be GORGEOUS!

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