Glimpse of Gorgeous: Smell as Good as You Look!

Some people smell the same way their entire lives. I, on the other hand spritz myself with perfume upon leaving the house every morning and then again in the evening (if I go out), and after a year, I am so sick of it, so I replace it with another bottle of smelly goodness until I eventually tire of that one as well. I’ve tried unsuccessfully to maintain a signature scent. I want so desperately to love Chanel No. 5. It would be so Marilyn of me, but I just can’t bring myself to wear it, not even to bed.

On the other hand, I do think it is important for a girl to smell good at all times. I mean, you look good, you feel good, why not exercise another of the five senses and smell great too? Here are some of my favorite scents for those of you who also happen to be plagued with fragrance ADD.

1.) Princess by Vera Wang: So rich and beautiful! It really does make you smell like a princess!

2.) Daisy by Marc Jacobs: It’s my new favorite. I asked for it for my birthday. The woman at the Macy’s fragrance counter got a real kick out of saying “a dollop of Daisy” over and over again.

3.) Chance by Chanel: It’s young and light and reminds me of my best friend.

4.) Hello Hydration by Herbal Essences: for the allergically inclined or maybe just those with dry hair. Either way, it smells amazing!

5.) Tahiti, Sweetie! hand cream by Bath and Body Works: a little piece of summer all year round.

6.) Oil of Olay Ribbons Bodywash: It’s so thick like lotion and the fresh smell stays on your skin all day long.

7.) Yellow Cake, Thanksgiving Dinner, Bon Fires, Cinnamon Rolls, and boys who wear Tommy cologne: I’ve submitted these as suggestions for new fragrances, maybe Britney Spears or Usher will pick them up.

Experiment with these scents or others that you love. Combine them for your own unique smell (mmm…yellow cake and bonfires!) If you already have a signature scent, hold onto it because there are millions of girls out there suffering from “fragrance ADD”.

Whether you wear Chanel No. 5 to bed (ugh I’m so jealous!) or prefer just plain old soap, smell GORGEOUS! and be GORGEOUS!

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