Glimpse of Gorgeous: Smitten with Bitten

“It is every woman’s inalienable right to have a pulled together, stylish, confident wardrobe with money left over to live.”

-Sarah Jessica Parker

I have to admit that I was slightly pessimistic when I heard that the same person who introduced me to Manolo Blahnik via Sex and the City was releasing a clothing line at a store specializing in college logos and bright orange T-Shirts with "Beer Delivery Guy" and other classy phrases plastered on the front.

In fact, I merely skimmed through the first few articles I saw promoting the line, and completely ignored all of the hype and publicity SJP's Bitten was receiving until I finally threw up my hands in surrender and went to its website at where I finally saw the light.

With prices not exceeding $19.98, clothing sizes ranging from 0-22, XS-XXL and shoe sizes from 5-11, Bitten takes its slogan "Fashion is not a Luxury, It's a Right," to heart and the clothes aren’t half bad.

On the website, SJP explains that she strived to find clothing that looked great on every body type. Bitten features clothes bordering on the sporty side of things with the majority of its contents consisiting of striped tops, jersey knit sweaters, and athletic pants. However, it also displays a wide variety of dresses, feminine blouses, jeans, and adorable coats to boot!

I’ve already made a note to pick up the houndstooth jacket featured on Oprah next time I’m in Steve and Barry's stocking up on VT gear. I advise all of you nonbelievers to give Bitten a second glance. You might just find a way to save money or maybe just another way to be GORGEOUS!

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