Glimpse of Gorgeous: Stay Hot With Winter Accessories

Winter puts a damper on a lot of things. The wind dries your face, your hair becomes brittle and damaged, and you have to say goodbye to your favorite open toed heels and flirty spring dresses for a few months. You cover up with lots of layers (unless you live in like, Florida or Hawaii which in that case, don’t bother to finish this article),load up on moisturizer, and go into fashion hibernation for the winter.

Well, I can’t stop your face from drying out or your hair from turning brittle, and global warming is working on the whole open-toed shoes thing, but it may be awhile. In the meantime, don’t let the woes of winter harness your inner fashionista.

Scarves are a chic (and cheap) way to dress up any winter outfit. Buy lots of them to go with every outfit and experiment with wearing them different ways. Gloves are very in this season too, you’ve got to get some leather ones ASAP. They give a very modern, sophisticated look. Sunglasses are not just for the beach. Wear them to produce a Jackie O. vibe and to protect your eyes from watering in the dry winter weather. Hats can be pretty tricky. I think you know if you you’re a hat person or not, so go crazy according to your own hat-wearing capabilities. The more glamorous the better!

Winter is statistically the most depressing season of the year. Don’t let it ruin your fashion appetite. Bake holiday cookies, sing Christmas carols, stock up on moisturizer, take advantage of winter accessories, and be GORGEOUS!

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