Glimpse of Gorgeous: Taking Sexy Back?

“What is Sexy?” “Give me Sexy,” “Have a Sexy Holiday,” “Very Sexy” and “Sexy Little Things” are all trademark logos and slogans of Victoria’s Secret, everyone’s favorite lingerie company. Victoria’s secret is known for its amazingly comfortable bras, stunning December runway show, and oozing sex appeal.

However, according to a recent article in The Wall Street Journal, the CEO of Victoria’s Secret, Sharen Jester Turney, says that the world renown lingerie company has become “too sexy”. Is that even possible? Justin Timberlake performed “Sexy Back” on the Victoria’s Secret runway just last year, and now they are taking it back?

Turney says that Victoria’s Secret hopes to return to its feminine roots and win back its more sophisticated customer base. The ultra-sexy, ever popular fashion show will return in December, but with more toned down looks and a new spin on the angels theme.

The store will continue its best-selling lines, but will also begin to sell larger sizes and more modest, comfortable pieces to bring back an older audience and a more refined version of sexy.

As for me, a self-proclaimed fashionista with hopes of one day managing my own lingerie boutique, I am completely opposed to taking sexy back. However, I love the idea of refining and reinventing sexy. After all, sexy is all about confidence and feeling beautiful. Women of all ages deserve to be sexy and be GORGEOUS.

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