Glimpse of Gorgeous: A Vocabulary Lesson

So, people have been asking me, and I’m sure you are wondering: Where the heck did the title Glimpse of Gorgeous come from? and What does it mean to be GORGEOUS? Well, I am here to offer an explanation.

Gorgeous, is defined by as the following: Dazzlingly beautiful or magnificent; characterized by magnificence or virtuosic brilliance.

Being gorgeous is all about confidence. Anyone can be gorgeous, but not everyone is gorgeous. Gorgeous people smile a lot, even at strangers. They compliment others and use the word gorgeous to do so. Looks matter(and they do), but loving people matters more. Gorgeous sees the glass half full and tries to find good in everyone even if they have to search for it. Gorgeouses aren’t afraid to try new things, and are able to laugh at themselves when they make a mistake. Being gorgeous is not settling for just being “pretty”. It’s taking that extra step beyond looks. Gorgeous turns heads and infects laughter. When gorgeous people look in the mirror, they think about the dictionary definition of gorgeous and know that while the outside may be beautiful, a contagious smile and the ability to make your own sunshine is dazzlingly beautiful. Gorgeous, in fact.

So now that you know, there is only one thing left to do. Go out there, and be GORGEOUS!

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