Glimpse of Gorgeous: What's In Your Bag?

While the size, style, and print of your bag say to the world “Hello, my name is GORGEOUS!”, the items inside of your bag also say a lot about you, and are additionally prepared to come to your rescue in time of need.

In an effort to preserve the longevity of my beloved Chanel bag, I recently purchased a gynormous (yes, you heard me) tan and brown bag with a sort of leaf print from Target, on clearance for $11.99. Due to its enormity, I have it packed to perfection with everything necessary for a fashionista on the go.

When stocking your supplies, it is important not to overdo it, but to always be prepared. Currently, my purse contains my White Chocolate cellphone, Ipod (which matches my phone), wallet (please disregard the Vera Bradley print), checkbook, camera (to capture those spontaneous moments), a full face of make-up (to freshen up that gorgeous face), Taihiti, Sweetie lotion (mmm smells like summer), oversized sunglasses, Advil, day-planner, and Mint Mojito Orbit gum (no dirty mouths allowed!)

Ultimately, your bag should fit your lifestyle and there are a million things you can cram into it, especially if it’s big enough for its own zip code like mine! So, whatever you pack in your purse, make sure you’ve got the essentials needed to go out there and be GORGEOUS!

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