Glossy Buzz: From the Publishers of Lucky Magazine

Does anyone else read this magazine religiously like I do? It’s basically Lucky, for your room/dorm/apartment. *And it’s fabulous.* I have used so many of their ideas. It approaches putting your room together the same way you would put together an outfit, with strong and classic basics, timeless designs, quality materials, funky/trendy accessories and lots of pizzazz. What i’ve always liked about Lucky is that a lot of the stuff the feature is actually affordable for a student income. Unlike major fashion mags like Vogue, Bazaar, et al, which only feature $600+ items. Domino is the same way. Sure, some stuff is a little out of reach, but I’ve actually purchased a lot of what I see in Lucky and Domino. And it doesn’t mean I don’t have a mind of my own, it simply means that *this is chic stuff…so check it out.*

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