Go Sarah from Tennessee!


*If you’re here on the website to read the usual Monday column, My Life On Mondays*, _(Hi Mom.)_, then make sure to check back tomorrow for a special My Life on Tuesdays Valentines edition.

In the spirit of everything lovey-dovey, I thought I’d highlight tonight’s episode of *The Bachelor in Paris* on ABC. Now normally I do not watch this show, I spend my time on better things like watching The Real World and Laguna Beach. However, without cable, I have discovered the “magical journey” that is the Bachelor in Paris. Although, I have to admit that I cringe every time I hear the announcer tells me to tune in next week to see who will be eliminated and who will get a rose and a chance to become… “_a doctor’s wife.”_

That almost turned me off the show entirely, but I kept watching. At first I liked Susan, but now I am firmly rooting for Sarah from Tennessee, _I guess since Sarah from Winnipeg did not get a rose last week I can just say I’m rooting for Sarah._ On tonight’s episode, it’s down the the final three women and they each go on a romantic European weekend with Travis…swooon.

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