Google and Microsoft Go Head-to-Head Over College Emails

Is your .edu  just about as small as your dorm room? With complaints flying about lack of storage space for emails and attachments, more and more colleges and universities are turning to Google and Microsoft as an outsourcing option for their student online accounts.

According to an article on, Google is already working with 2,000 schools across the country (including  Cornell, Georgetown, Temple, and Brown) that have accounts capped at 100 MB. Under these contracts, students that go over the limit are given Google managed accounts that allow 70 times more storage. While that’s certainly impressive, Microsoft (Google’s largest rival), is also jumping into the game and taking it a step further. While they currently offer thousands of schools in the U.S. free web-based mail, their college outreach program actually extends across 86 countries.

I say this is win-win situation for most students and college IT professionals, but it still strikes me as odd that neither one of these corporations are offering some sort of free migration software that allows you to redirect your existing .edu account to a personal folder at a gmail or yahoo email address. Given most students use these platforms for their webmail already, it seems like they’re adding one more overly complicated step in the process, rather than empowering students to make their own choices about what type of email account works best for them and their specific needs.



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