Gossip Girl: Family Ties

Last night’s episode was one which featured Blair back on top, Serena organizing a party and Lily getting married. Of course it also featured Georgina drama, class Chuck Bass manipulation, and Dan’s inability to keep secrets. All in all it was a pretty good episode.

Blair found the “new mean girls” and is training them because Jenny is –as Blair said in the last episode– ruining everything. The Humphrey-van der Woodsen clan finds their out about yet another tie via a Georgina scheme, which involves Dan tyring to act interested.

Carter and Serena–who by the way must be THE most gorgeous couple ever–have some ups and downs, ultimately ending with Chuck giving Carter YET another one way plane ticket, but the twist is will he take it? Or will he own up to his problems?

I think you will all be surprised and happy with the direction this show is taking this season–it’s chic, fun, grown-up and of course full of gossip.


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