Gossip Girl: New Beginnings and New Loyalties

As the cast of Gossip Girl starts college, they are all trying to find a new fit. Blair is trying to dominate the dorms at NYU, while Dan seems to have found a cure for his loneliness. Chuck is trying to turn his first profit before 21, and Serena isn’t sure what she wants, or maybe it’s what she’s looking for that’s the problem.

The most recent episode was filled with the usual drama, and I anticipate that the rest of the season will be jam-packed as Georgina Sparks (Michelle Trachtenberg) has re-entered the ranks of Manhattan’s elite.

Nate’s Romeo and Juliet relationship has become increasingly more romantic and only time will tell how this tragedy in training will end.

Lily Bass is still off stage, but does remain present via text messages and Rufus, who seems to be adapting quite well to the good life. Scott (Chris Riggi) is getting closer and closer to upsetting the delicate balance of the van der Woodsen-Humphrey conglomeration. Will he tell Dan his deep dark secret?

All in all an adorable episode filled with memorable quotes, scenes and of course a little bit of advice. So kick off your headbands, throw on some Manolos and prepare to make some memories right alongside the cast of Gossip Girl.

Check out some insider tips at gossipgirlinsider.com, but beware of spoilers- I haven’t read the site, but I know I’m waiting to see the next episode!!

Here’s a preview clip:

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