Gossip Girl Recap: How to Succeed in Bassness

All Hallows Eve – a night for masquerading true identities.  But wait; don’t our favorite Gossip Girl kids do this all year long? This week, we find Chuck (Ed Westwick) pursuing his dreams of becoming even bigger and better than his father by revisiting an old prospect. He decided that it is time to open up the speakeasy that Vanessa (Jessica Szohr) introduced him to last season (yet V is MIA this episode- hard feelings much?). In hopes of creating a top-notch reputation, Chuck decided that he does not want Blair’s (Leighton Meester) grubby paws inside this operation and decides not to tell her about it. Instead, he recruits Serena (Blake Lively) to get Gimlet up and running in less than 24 hours in order to open it for Halloween (doesn’t everyone go to speakeasies on Halloween?). Blair is of course furious by this, and wants to get in on the action…even if it means going behind Chuck’s back to Uncle Jack (her New Year’s Eve one night stand) to help her  get a liquor license for her man- stat. Chuck finds out that Blair meddled and that his uncle’s intention was to screw him over with a fake one, but instead of getting his bowtie in a bunch, he and Blair spin it so Gimlet will be the talk of the town.

Of course this ends up making Serena’s job ten times harder. It’s not enough that Nate used her to get back at his family, now she’s got to plan this party and get all her celebrity clients there in the hopes of impressing her boss. Too bad her boss doesn’t know anything about it, and when she discovers what’s going on, she demands that Serena break up Olivia (Hilary Duff) and Dan and make it look like Olivia ia back with her old actor flame. S asks Olivia to walk the red carpet at the opening of the club with her ex-boyfriend, Patrick. Olivia says yes at first, but then decides to go to the club with Dan (how honorable of her). But when the police arrive to break up the bash, and Serena figures out Blair and Chuck have set her up, she makes the best of a bad situation: She exposes Dan and O. as a couple then turns up the gossip heat by making out with Olivia’s ex, Patrick in order to get a little added publicity (this is really work?).

Meanwhile, Jenny’s (Taylor Momsen) “mask” at school is becoming a permanent addition to her wardrobe. Eric (Connon Paolo) is upset by the way she is acting (yogurt in your hair? Must be a great feeling) and decides that he wants nothing to do with her at school or at home. In this storybook Halloween tale, not everyone gets a treat in his or her goody bag. Poor little J decides her old life is over and it’s time to be Blair 2.0, while Blair and Serena declare war on each other (AGAIN) when Blair chooses Chuck over her BFF. Seems as though Dan and Olivia get the happy ending  (at least that’s what the pap pics of Olivia buying condoms before the party seem to suggest) this time, but who knows what tricks will be served next week. Better watch to find out…

By Stephanie Vacchio


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