Gossip Girl Recap: Snow White and the Seven Deadly Sins

Hot off last week’s threesome episode of Gossip Girl, we get a Lady Ga-Ga cameo complete with crazy outfits (nice hat and cape, Blair), a big admission from Nate, and a potential scandal for Serena (yawn).

Last time we saw our favorite New Yorkers they were kissing and making up, but this week many of them seem to be breaking up. Serena and Tripp rekindle their “no-mance” from last week after Tripp tells S that although nothing happened, it feels like something did. Serena confides in Nate and lets him know how she feels about Tripp. Nate’s mother kindly alerts Tripp that it was not his grandfather who organized the “Hudson drowning” (where Tripp saved a man from drowning and was deemed a hero, but in reality the whole thing was staged) but rather his wife, Maureen. Nate realizes that S and Tripp feel the same way about each other and in a last ditch effort to make S realize that she loves the wrong Vanderbilt, he lets her know he was (read: still is) in love with her. They almost kiss but Tripp conveniently shows up and interrupts just before they can. Serena and Tripp go off together because he doesn’t want to be alone. Finally, they kiss in his apartment! (What can I say; I’m a sucker for scandalous relationships). Meanwhile, Nate is looking a little less Vanderbilt and a little more “lonely boy” as he sits at a bar all alone. First Brie then Serena- seems like poor Nate can’t catch a break this season! 

While S is engaging in some adultery (which Nate is no stranger to, btw) Queen B is attempting to get back on top. She creates a plan to get involved in a cabaret (thrown by NYU’s elite theatre students) but can’t seem to score an invite. Luckily, Olivia was invited and B recruits her as a member of her task force to gain some status. Meanwhile, Dan is stuck in the middle of an intense love triangle where he has to choose between his girlfriend and his “girl friend”. Olivia attempts to isolate Dan from Vanessa because she is jealous. Olivia lets V know that Dan can’t make it to see a Morrissey concert with her because he has to go to cabaret rehearsal (claiming that it is good for his application to the playwriting program at NYU). Dan jumps on the opportunity to write a play (he creates an upbeat version of Snow White!) and invites Vanessa to direct it. The look on Olivia’s face is priceless when she finds out that Dan asked her to help out and Dan realizes something’s wrong. 

Dan is upset when Olivia lets him know that the reason why she tried to get V out of the picture was because he seemed more into her during their threesome. Dan denies this but Olivia knows what’s up (girl isn’t stupid, she goes to NYU!). Olivia and V share some words and O decides not to participate in Dan’s play anymore, but not before singing an off-key version of one of Lady GaGa’s hits.  She then leaves him hanging in the middle of a scene and V steps up to the plate and takes her place.  In the end, Olivia decides to do take on a movie that her agent was pushing and tells Dan that he really is in love with Vanessa, not her. Vanessa then pops up out of nowhere and lets O know that what happened between her and Dan “that night” really meant nothing. Poor lonely boy is right back where he started- all alone! But things seems to be improving for B as is able to get Lady GaGa to perform at the cabaret. If you can’t find friends because your personality sucks, then try bribing people with a world-wide superstar. Usually works for me! 

In less important news, Little J offers to show Damien, the son of an ambassador staying at Chuck’s hotel, around New York. He is from Belgium and he explains to J that because he doesn’t have to go through customs he can smuggle drugs into the country without a problem. Caught up in the moment, she takes part in a little drug deal but Chuck shows up in time to save her from “jumping down the rabbit hole.” Little J is still pristine for now, bit it doesn’t seem as though her intention is to stay that way. She wants to be bad and is going to take the plunge down the rabbit hole, and it seems to be a long, dark drop. Can’t wait to see what happens next week as the Upper East Siders celebrate Thanksgiving in style; the topic of conversation? Affairs with married men…


By Stephanie Vacchio

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