Gossip Girl Recap: The Lady Vanishes

Love is most certainly in the air this week on Gossip Girl. Seems like everyone is in a relationship, but some of our beloved Upper East Siders have perhaps found themselves in too deep… 

Little J is in a whole lot of trouble. Lilly wakes up early to find Damien in Jenny’s room. He snuck in early that morning to bring her some pills to stash, but Lilly is under the impression he spent the night and the two got it on. She calls up Rufus to confront Jenny about her misbehavior and he tells his daughter to pack her stuff because her behavior has earned her a one-way ticket back to Brooklyn. Little J lets Damien know that she isn’t afraid of her dad and basically shoves the drugs Damien brought over in Rufus’  face (oh, child, when will you learn?). In order to get J out of trouble, Damien tells Rufus a crazy story about how his dad is an addict. Little J congratulates him on a job well done, but Damien lets her know that the story wasn’t made up; it is the reality of his life. Though J is still in a ton of trouble, she wants to see Damien again. Instead of heading back to the loft, she books it out of Lilly’s penthouse to meet up with Damien, who takes her on a legitimate date (about time!). Romance ensues… We hope! 

Dan and Vanessa, the least tolerable couple on the show (and also the least important, so it seems), finally confront each other about their feelings. First V tells Dan that she is mad at him for telling her that he loved her. Then they kiss at a random paradise themed party that Vanessa is throwing (despite the fact that they both brought dates). Vanessa gets really awkward after the kiss and tells Dan that she wishes he never said he had feelings for her. Then, she makes up with Dan and says that she has feelings for him too (she also might be a lunatic, but that’s just speculation). They have sex (this time without Olivia) and agree to try “the couple” thing. Finally, after two seasons of dancing around it they end up together! Though I really do like the Dan and Serena combination better than the Serena and Nate duo. 

Speaking of S, her and Nate continue to see each other (dislike!) and continue to have sex everywhere there is a sturdy surface. Inspired by Chuck’s mom’s search for her son, Serena tells Nate about her own search for her father. In an effort to make her feel better, he tells her that maybe her father doesn’t want to be found because he’s not worth finding. She has a change of heart and decides that Nate is right; she no longer wants to find her father. S calls up her dad and leaves him a message saying that she is not going to look for him anymore. Finally, she realizes that her father really isn’t worth looking up if he doesn’t want to get to know his own daughter. So far it is a winning season for Serena… Can’t wait to see what kind of drama she will encounter when she and Nate crash and burn. 

Meanwhile, Blair is fretting over Chuck. She tells S. about his search for his mother, and how it’s created this distance between them that she just can’t bridge. While Blair thinks he’s over it, Chuck actually pays a hotel employee to give him the key to Elizabeth’s room (his mother). He snoops around and finds the other half of the locket she left at Bart’s grave, which has a photo of her and Chuck in it. He realizes that she is actually alive and becomes extremely bitter; he wants nothing to do with her. In an effort to save Chuck from making a mistake, Serena decides to get involved in his business (obviously) and arranges for Chuck and Elizabeth to be at the same restaurant at the same time. He agrees to speak with Elizabeth but only to tell her to get out of his life. He tests her intentions by writing her a check. She takes it, which upsets Chuck because he thinks she is only tracking him down for his money. 

Blair realizes that Serena is getting involved with Chuck’s business because she was hurt by her own father and doesn’t want Chuck to miss out on the chance to know his real mother. As a last resort, Serena tracks down Elizabeth after she leaves the restaurant and asks her why she abandoned her son in the first place. She is honest and says that when she had Chuck, she was only 19, and not in love with Bart Bass. She wanted to go on with her life like nothing happened so she told Bart to tell Chuck that she had died (is it me, or does that sound kind of selfish?). After speaking with S., Elizabeth realizes she really does want to know her son and tries one last time to get Chuck to speak with her. He agrees to talk, and he begins to open up to her. It seems as though Chuck is finally going to have his happy ending… but there is only one way to be sure! Tune in next week to see whether or not Chuck can connect with her birth mother! 

–  By Stephanie Vacchio, Union College

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