Gossip Girl Recap: The Sixteen Year Old Virgin

Gossip Girl Recap: Sixteen Year Old Virgin 

Last week we saw our favorite rebel get exiled back to Brooklyn. This week, Little J is living up to her wild child reputation and is cutting classes to hang out with her boyfriend, Damien. Apparently Damien likes her so much that he is willing to take things slow (read: willing to hold off on going all the way until he gets restless). As she is enjoying her time with her new beau, Rufus is on a wild goose chase to find his baby girl. He tries calling everyone he knows to look for Jenny until Serena decides to take matters into her own hands. She invites Little J over to have some good old fashioned “girl talk” about boys. J lets S know that she is a virgin and is planning on loosing her virginity to Damien later that night. In order to stop Jenny from making a mistake, Serna creates a crazy plan (sounds familiar). S asks Nate to take J out for lunch and “distract her” while she has Damien over for lunch with the hope that he will try to make a move. Serena lets Damien know that her and Nate were through (only a lie- though I wish it were true), Damien says he really likes Jenny and can’t be with Serena (actually shocked- he cares!). 

With Serena’s plan completely down the gutter, Nate takes matters into his own hands and calls Rufus. He thinks that Jenny is a very special girl and shouldn’t loose her virginity to just any old guy. Serena is naturally upset that he went behind her back (yeah, because her plan worked out so well) but Nate lets her know that he thought he did the right thing. He explains that when he and Serena made love for the first time he was upset that she left town the next day, never to be heard from again for a year. As usual, they kiss and make up and things are super in their little relationship. Seriously, is it me or do these two just seem too cute? Despite the fact that Jenny is “so grounded”, she still finds a way to see Damien. While Rufus and Lilly are attempting to fix their marriage at a reception in Bart Bass’ honor (ironic), Damien shows up and him and Jenny book it to a hotel room (but not without first punching Nate after he tries to save Jenny, yet again!). When it comes down to it, Jenny realizes she is making a mistake and can’t bring herself to loose her virginity to Damien. His response? “I knew you were just a kid…” My response? “You go Little J!” 

When we last saw Chuck, he was beginning to kindle a relationship with his mother. He invites Elizabeth to the reception the Historical Society is throwing in Bart’s honor and she accepts. As luck would have it, just as he begins to let Elizabeth in, a huge scandal breaks (talk about bad timing). A number of women claimed that Chuck had sexually harassed them while staying at a Bass hotel. Just as the scandal breaks Chuck gets a phone call from his dear old Uncle Jack, who seems to be back in town (coincidence?). Blair has her doubts about Jack and both her and Chuck eventually realize that he may be to blame for the scandal. Jack insists that Elizabeth is not really Chuck’s mother and convinces Chuck to get a DNA test. Elizabeth overhears Chuck discussing the DNA test with Blair and she is extremely offended.  Blair is mad at him for doubting Elizabeth’s intentions (again) and she doesn’t accompany him to the reception (flying solo, in true Chuck Bass fashion). 

Once Chuck gets to the reception, his lawyer lets him know that in order to save Bass industries from the sexual harassment scandal, he must sign over his hotel to someone else to make it seem as though he is out of power. Jack volunteers his services, but Chuck lets him know that he will only run Bass Hotels in his dreams. Meanwhile, Chuck receives the results of the DNA test and it turns out that Elizabeth is his real mother after all. He asks her to become the head of his hotels just for a temporary period (because she is one of the few people he trusts). Little does Chuck know that Elizabeth is actually Jack’s partner in crime. It seems to be that the recent chain of events; meeting his “dead” mother, the scandal, the DNA test, were simply set up by Jack in order to regain power. Talk about being sneaky. This incident just took it to a whole other level that not even Blair Waldorf could compete with! Will Elizabeth come clean? Is she actually Chuck’s mother (for real)? Will Chuck realize what is going on before Jack can do major damage? So many questions… but how many answers will we get? Better tune in next week! 

–  By Stephanie Vacchio, Union College

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