Got Podcasts?

So, I’ve finally succumbed to the trend and have bought myself an iPod. A pink iPod mini, it’s certain to become my favorite fashion accessory. Stylish, sleek, small…in one word perfect!

BTW, an iPod is just one version of a digital audio player (no discrimination against the other guys out there).

Why wait so long to jump on the iPod bandwagon? Besides feeling left out of some special club when surrounded by hordes of iPoders, this thing called podcasts has intrigued me enough to jump on. A podcast is an audio recording posted online and can be played with any digital audio player or computer with audio-playing software. It’s just like a radio talk show.

iTunes 4.9, Apple’s free software, allows anyone with a digital music player to get access to the more than 7,000 podcasts currently available online for download.

Even cooler, you can make your own podcast, which Apple will upload to their directory for free. For more info, check out Apple’s website at

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