Gracie, 16 – FUNDED

Gracie - 1000 Dreams

Gracie - 1000 Dreams

My dream is to help others through my music.

How the 1000 Dreams Fund helped me:

UChic is essentially funding my trip to LA in April 2015. It will be a crazy busy week of writing, meetings and a show or two. I’ll be taking lots of pictures and sharing my experience as I go. I can’t wait and I’m so grateful for the opportunity that UChic has provided.

As many of you know, LA is a huge music center and it is extremely important for me to network within that space. I have spent lots of time in Nashville, but because LA is so far and expensive to travel to it’s much more difficult to make the trip. I’m trying to get involved in the film and TV business to get my songs placed in movies and TV shows and there is no better spot than LA. When I’m there I will also play a BMI songwriters showcase and this allows people to come and see me play which is super important. My dream is to build a platform with my music to inspire others and LA is definitely a piece of the puzzle.

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My Story:

Create a bigger platform with my music career in order to inspire others to be their extraordinary selves and to make the world a better place. I want as many people as possible to hear my songs in the hope that the music would inspire them, encourage them, excite them or help them through a hard time. Music is my passion and I want to use my gifts to make a difference both around the world and here. I’m so excited about the adventures to come and the journey that is ahead!

My Inspiration:

I was first inspired when I heard about the terrible living conditions of orphans in Africa and Haiti. At the time I was only 10 and I realized how blessed I was and wanted to do something to help those kids. I had been singing my whole life and I started writing songs when I was seven. I decided I wanted to make a CD to raise money and my hope was to raise enough to build one fish pond. It turns out my dream was much too small. I made my first CD when I was 10 and second when I was 12 and through the profits I was able to raise over $30,000. With the money I got to build two fish ponds in Africa and an orphanage in Haiti. I realized through the whole experience that one person can make a difference no matter how old. I was also surprised by how impactful my music was and through the experience I realized that I wanted to continue to make music and that it was something I wanted to do. I started going back and forth to Nashville to co-write, have meetings and record. I got introduced to Charlie Peacock and he produced my first debut record that is coming out late summer. I’m so excited about this record and I think it has something powerful to say.

Challenges I Face:

The biggest obstacle I face is money. Everything in the music business is expensive and there are so many pieces that go into building a career. There is marketing, travel, packaging, recording, PR, videos and each piece is important but it all costs money.

My quote of inspiration for others:

“We can’t do everything- what if we all did something, something good?”

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