Single in 2011? Join the (Facebook) Club

OK, so you rang in the New Year solo and by the looks of things, Valentine's is going to totally be a girls-only event. Does that make you a loser? Not exactly – that makes you part of the majority on Facebook.

According to Valley Wag, 43 milllion people changed their  status to "single" last year, while only 28 million were "in a relationship."  Now obviously there's a bunch of people like me who ARE in a relationship and just don't choose to advertise it, but that still leaves a healthy number of peeps who are toasting 2011 by themselves.

So jump onboard the "love thyself" train, kick butt at the gym, and don't be afraid to be the best you for the new year. After all, you may have a single status now, but if you spend a little time investing in yourself and hitting all those holiday resolutions, you just might find that the right guy or girl will come along when the time's right.

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