Last Minute Halloween Decorations and Crafts

It’s that spooky time of year again. You know, the time when amidst midterms and classes, college students everywhere still somehow try to find a break from the everyday norm to socialize, have fun and act like a kid again. It’s Halloween. So whether you’re planning on throwing a last minute bash for everyone you know, or just have a couple of friends over for a scary movie marathon, here are some last minute DIY tips for getting into the ghostly holiday spirit!

Black Roses
Flowers are essential for every special event, but Halloween isn’t the time for pastels and tulips. Instead, check out Wal-Mart or Target for some fake black roses. They’re usually fairly cheap (between $1-$2 per rose). Add your own haunting twist, buy a red candle and melt wax on top of them to look like blood (it’ll look classy, without being too realistic). Place in a vase to add the perfect tone for All Hallows Eve.  

Witches’ Brew
If you’re having a party, you’ll most likely plan on serving beverages to your guests. And what better way to add in a touch of Halloween than with some dry ice to add a foggy effect? Take two large plastic bowls- one a bit bigger than the other. Put your beverage or punch into the smaller bowl and set it in the larger one. Then take some dry ice, using tongs or gloves (Caution: Using your hands will burn you!) and place it around the small bowl. Pour water over the dry ice, and it should start resemble a classic witches brew within just a few seconds.

Spooky Cobwebs
Oh Halloween. The one time of year it’s okay for it to look like your apartment hasn’t bee dusted for hundreds of years- in fact, it’s encouraged. If you want to give you place a little more of that haunted mansion vibe, buy some super cheap stockings at your local convenience store. Then rip them to the point when the stockings are super thin- they can easily be spread over lamp shades, flower arrangements or appliances for a perfectly creepy look.  

Trick-or-Treat Favors
Any good hostess knows the importance of guest favors when throwing a party. So in hopes of keeping with the child in all of us, hand out candy to your guests. But to keep those darn greedy college kids from stealing all your candy, make up some of these favors. Take a few bits of candy and stick them inside an empty toilet paper roll. Roll them in black or orange tissue paper and tape the paper down to make sure it’s secure. Twist the ends and tie with ribbon to make sure the candy won’t fall out.  Then write Happy Halloween on the roll with a Sharpie. Easy, but still very chic. And who knows? Maybe that cute boy down the hall will notice your party throwing skills and join you for a little Halloween fun.


By Kristy Shaulis, University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign

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