Today marks my 21st Thanksgiving dinner at the “kid’s table”. As I look back
on 21 years of eating off of non-matching china on a fold-out card table, it is
clear that have a lot to be thankful for:

1.) A great family (and now, a wonderful step-family!)especially my 2
younger sisters and little brother whom I absolutely adore

2.) Pretty cool friends (I suppose I’ll keep them for another year or

3.) An awesome school and an amazing job

4.) A safe, healthy home in a country where I can pursue my dreams

5.) Oh yeah, and Black Friday sales!!

Some families bond over a turkey and mashed potatoes, but for my family, the
bonding comes after the long after-dinner nap. My mother and I may have very
little in common on other days of the year, but on the Friday after
Thanksgiving, we are one in the same.

Usually, we sleep about 3 or maybe 4 hours before waking up and braving long
lines, cranky crowds, and fabulous doorbuster sales! In my many years of extreme
shopping, I have seen people riot at Target, I have gotten in arguments with
people waiting in line for mp3 players, and I have seen the magic that comes
with finding that perfect Christmas present 75% off its retail price. Black
Friday shopping is not for the faint of heart, but I like living my life a
little on the edge anyways.

It is Thanksgiving and we all do have a lot to be thankful
for. So, while you’re celebrating yet another Thanksgiving at the kid’s table
make a list of all the things you are thankful for before you make your
shopping list.

So, Have a happy Thanksgiving and a Black Friday full of fabulous deals. Be
safe in your travels, be thankful for those you love, and be GORGEOUS!

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