Happy Valentine’s Day Gorgeouses!

Cupid tried his best this past year. He shot his little arrows but those silly boys kept moving faster than that cute little naked fairy guy could fly. Luckily, Cupid did hit a couple of things that make great substitutes for that whole lovey dovey romance crap:

1. Project Runway: Oh my gosh, Christian is so ferosh! We need to be friends. Christian, if you’re out there, Facebook me, ok love?

2.) My new black Coach purse. It costs more than I pay for a month’s rent, but that’s just because I can’t carry my house on my arm…

3.) My red Durango. I am probably the girliest person ever, but I love my truck! Sometimes I give it hugs. We just have a connection.

4.) My fantabulous girlfriends and my best guy friend (you guys know who you are) My friends are more fabulous than yours, seriously. Be jealous.

5.) My bright yellow GAP trench coat If you’ve ever read the book, Men May Come and Men May Go, But I’ve Still Got My Little Pink Raincoat, you understand this bond that comes with wearing this coat. If you haven’t read it, you should. Then, go out and buy your own raincoat.

Now, I am not trying to discount the real thing. Love is amazing and true love will last long after my Coach purse (knock on wood). However, there is nothing wrong with a little something (or somethings) to hold you over until then.

No matter who or what you are in love with this Valentines Day, celebrate it and be GORGEOUS!

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