Has This Ever Happened to You?

*Sometimes it’s hard to be an intern or short-term employee at a company.*

All you want is some work experience and to stay busy. Your goal is not to annoy anyone but to make the office run as smoothly as possible.

But it seems that even with these good intentions in mind, something happens, someone gets annoyed and you can’t seem to figure out what you did wrong.

*_Don’t worry. You’re not alone_*

This actually happened to me yesterday!

After a group meeting, I asked a full-time employee if I could help her with some work we’d discussed at the meeting. No one was around. She turns to me, raises an eyebrow and says, *That’s _my_ job. Thanks.*

Well, excuse me! Did she think I’m after her job? After all, as a summer intern, a few weeks is hardly enough time to mount a coup and take over her job…

Why the drama?

To help everyone out there deal with a situation like this, University Chic will write a column on how to have a successful internship or short-term work experience for our August issue.

Stay tuned…

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