Health Nut: Alcohol Use Increases from High School to College (Duh)

A recent study showed that women’s increase in alcohol from high school to college increases their vulnerability to physical and sexual victimization. I wish that I was surprised by this report, but to me this is obvious. Especially at my school, a large number of freshmen begin drinking in college. This may lead to some dangerous situations when students don’t use caution, but most of the time college is the ideal place to begin drinking. Most parties are within walking distance, so there is no need to drink and drive.

My university used to have a “we know you are going to drink, so do it carefully” policy, until last year. One of the television companies spent an evening taping our bar scene and after the public saw a stumbling 21-year-old, the university changed its tune. Alcohol policies are more strict and citations can really damage a person’s college career. In turn, more freshmen are branching out to the typically upper-classman parties off campus. This increases their vulnerability and increases their likelihood of drinking and driving.

More strict alcohol policies will not decrease the amount of drinking done, it will only increase the risk in doing it. We must take personal responsibility for our actions and be aware of the consequences of heavy drinking.

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