Health Nut: Crazy about Special K

In my kitchen, I have two types of cereal. The first is Special K with strawberries. One cup, plus milk, has just 150 calories, with none of those from fat. I have eaten this cereal for most mornings for the past year. Now, Kellogg’s has added a new flavor to test my taste buds, chocolatey delight. And it is delightful! I got it because I wanted a healthier late night snack for my study sessions, but this is better than any candy bar! For 3/4 a cup plus milk, it is 160 calories, with just 20 of those from fat. I am not usually a calorie-counter, but these cereals fill me up for the morning and are a great burst of energy in the afternoon. Buy a box the next time you go food shopping. They are a bit pricey for cereal, but once in a while, they can be a great pick-me-up.

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