Health Nut: Dude, Where's My Towel?

Ladies and ladies read this closely. Pay very close attention. I’ve got a story to tell, this is a story that can maybe one day save your life. Listen up!

How many of you out there dorm? Raise your hands–no one’s looking. Okay, you can put your hands down. Now how many of you share a bathroom with more than two girls? Come on, put your hands back up. Damn that’s a lot of you.

Now if you’re one of those gals that leaves your towel in the bathroom because you’re thinking you’re the only person that uses it, I have bad news.

Have you ever noticed that sometimes your roommate or your suitemate might go into the bathroom towel-less but comes out dry as hell after a shower? That chick used your towel. This should be disturbing to you. Not only is it nasty, it’s also unhealthy. The body sheds skin cells constantly and those cells will cling to the towel that you will use the very next morning. All types of bacteria and germ-infested critters have now gotten onto your body and you’re at risk for bacteria to infest your skin as well. Take this as a lesson–never leave your towel unattended!

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