Health Nut: Eat More Oranges!

As the winter season approaches, vitamin C is considered, by many, an essential part of your diet to keep you healthy. While the RDA says that a person should eat at least 50 mg/day of vitamin C, many researchers say that for optimum health, one should ingest 200 mg/day.

The 200 mg is five daily servings of fresh fruit and vegetables. Here are some foods and their mg dosages:

-Cup of orange juice- 80 mg

-Cup of broccoli-90 mg (but don’t boil out all the nutrients!)

-Small tomato- 95 mg

-Small potato- 25 mg

-Kiwi- 55 mg

If you can’t seem to get enough vitamin C, you can also take supplements, though food is usually a more effective way of getting your nutrients.

Next week, I look at the effectiveness of HeadOn…yes, the product with all those great commercials.

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