Health Nut: First Gas Prices, Now Sex

Almost everything profitable in America has had some type of sale increase. Americans need gas for transportation, so there’s not much of a way in getting around the increase in gas prices. You kind of just have to give in.

College students–well most of them–need sex, so there’s no way in getting around an increase in price there either. Since President Bush signed the Deficit Reduction Act, colleges and universities are no longer receiving top of the line birth control pills at a discounted rate. Birth control pills like Ortho Evra and Ortho Tricyclen were being sold at colleges and universities for as little as $12-$15 for a month’s supply. With the new Act being passed, colleges and universities are no longer receiving the discounted rate, which means students will have to pay as much $55 for a package of birth control.

Do you think that college women will begin to use no contraceptive at all? Or will the usage of condoms be the next best substitution?

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