Health Nut: Inside Exercise

So you want to exercise to avoid those extra holiday calories, but you don’t have access to a gym? Here are some suggestions for inside workouts.

Video: Your local library should have fun workout videos to play to keep up with your cardio. Try something new—videos range from 80s dance to yoga.

Pushups and sit-ups: Try this workout for a quick burst of energy: Set a watch for one minute. Do five push-ups, then five sit-ups. Alternate until the minute is over. Repeat at least three times. Write down how many sets you do for each minute so you can track improvements.

Active exercises: Find an empty room or hallway to accomplish these exercises. These exercises are usually used to improve speed, but done at a lower pace, can safely warm up muscles. The combination of muscle-building and stretching prepare you for your trek around the mall. Practice an assortment of lunges, high kicks, squats and jumps.

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