Health Nut: Protect Those Baby Blues (or Browns, or Greens…)

Dry Eye syndrome is a constant lack of enough moisture and lubrication in the eye. It is caused by many things, including:

-The environment- always wear sunglasses outside and minimize the amount you use air conditioning and heating units)

-Certain medicines- antihistamines, antidepressants, birth control pills

-Not blinking often enough- make sure to turn away from the computer and relax your eyes every few minutes
-Long-time contact lenses wearers.

An eye doctor can prescribe artificial tears to lubricate the eyes and reduce itching. Restasis eye drops can increase tear production. The “get the red out” eye drops that do not have artificial tears will only be a temporary solution and not treat the actual problem. They can also be addictive and require more drops each time to get the same effect, if used regularly. Ask your doctor for suggestions, if your eyes are red, dry or bothersome. Also, check out All About Vision for more information.

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