Health Nut: Protecting Our Heads

I was going up for a header in my soccer game against a taller girl during a high school game. I jumped, hit the ball, and fell to the ground. After a couple of seconds I got up, only to see my team running to the center circle. I asked, “What happened?” Turns out, the other girl had made the header. I just had a huge bruise on my forehead from hitting her head and I had a splitting headache. I had also been on the ground more than a couple seconds. I sat out the rest of the game with a minor concussion.

Events like these happen all the time, and according to a New York Times article more and more girls are getting concussions, with mind-numbing effects.

One of my teammates in college had to stop playing because she got so many concussions. She tried using head gear but it did not erase the previous concussions. She would pass out during running from dizziness and not be able to concentrate on her homework. Her health was faltering and she was not allowed to play.

This decision was hard for her, but it could have ruined her career. She was a biology major, something that is not an easy concentration for someone with a healthy mind. Remember, hiding concussions could prove fatal. These incidents add up and could have serious consequences. Protect your head!

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