Health Nut: There's A DJ Where My Heart Used To Be

If you read last week’s blog than you already know about my mono scare. If you didn’t read it, I suggest you look under my banked articles because I really don’t want to relive that moment.
I made a visit to my physician last week because of my mono scare and the doctor discovered something else affecting me other than mono. As he listened to my lungs and my heartbeat, he said I have a heart murmur. Now if you’ve gathered a sense of my personality through reading my blogs than you’ll be able to tell that I suffer from some type of paranoia–I should change my major and become a doctor because I’m always diagnosing myself.
I freaked out! I asked him how long I had to live because I automatically assumed anything heart-related must be fatal. He told me to calm down, as they all do, and explained to me that heart murmurs are actually very normal and harmless to the body.
It’s not a disease. A heart murmur is simply an extra beat heard during your heart beat. It’s kind of like a DJ at a club mixing his records and you hear that extra beat in the song. It’s cute. I like it. Visit this site for more information on heart murmurs

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