Health Nut: Training for a Triathlon

I completed my first duathon last Saturday, and I am hooked. The race was a 2.2-mile run, an 11-mile bike, and another 2.2-mile run. I have only been running regularly for a couple weeks, so I thought I would just take my time through the events.

But, when the starting horn sounded, the adrenaline started pumping. Even though I wasn’t really out to win anything, I figured out I was still competitive. By the last lap of the last run, I was using techniques from those over-time soccer games to keep myself going as hard as I could. I was exhausted, but extremely happy after my race. I ended up winning my age group, placing 6th among women, and 36th over-all (out of 60).

I am excited for my return to competition. This morning, just a few days after my first “thon,” I ran harder on the treadmill than I have this year. Turns out that wasn’t tired of exercise, I just needed a goal (something other than losing five pounds!). I have my goal: my first triathlon on May 10. Anyone have a good swimming workout for me? It is my weakest event. Bring it on!

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