Healthy Eating Tips for Your Family Thanksgiving

We all know that the holidays essentially mean lots of family, football, and of course food!  So what if you’re trying to not overdo it but still want to enjoy your Thanksgiving meal? Here’s how!

Before the meal:

You should try to fit in a workout even if your gym is closed. If the weather isn’t terrible, grab a cousin or aunt you haven’t seen in a while and go for a run, play a little football, or get a family softball game going. It will give you a chance to catch up and to prevent post-meal guilt.

Have a drink…of water! It’s hard to resist picking at all the delicious food that will no doubt be lying around before you sit down to dinner. Avoid feeling hungry by staying hydrated. Reach for some water (you can even throw a few berries in it for natural flavor) instead of the tray of cookies. Chances are you probably aren’t even that hungry- just super tempted!

During the meal:

Your best bet for the Thanksgiving meal is to load your plate up with turkey and veggies. Reach for a turkey sans skin and any vegetables not doused in sauce, cheese, or gravy (stuffing has less calories so feel free to sneak a bite). If you think that your relatives will not be making anything waistline-friendly, offer to bring your own homemade dish. Some good suggestions: green beans almondine, baked sweet potatoes, or low fat sugar cookies (use Google to find some easy recipes).

It’s easy to indulge in holiday favorites that only come around once a year, but listen to your body. Eat when you feel hungry and stop when you’re full.

After the meal:

Get moving! Take a walk around your block, offer to help clean up, or play hide and seek with your nieces and nephews. This will help you digest your foos and make you feel less guilty. And you might even have some room for a little dessert afterwards! (Just make sure you keep your serving of pecan pie to a bare minimum.)


By Stephanie Vacchio, Union College

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