Go PreMed…with Hello Kitty

The folks at Hello Kitty love, love, LOVE to license their cat out for the craziest things (rice steamers anyone?), so I guess it’s not suprising that their latest venture is all about going back to basics…as in human basics.

Dr. Romanelli has teamed up with Team Kitty to produce a line of HK anatomy toys. These cute little cadavers open up to reveal each and every (smiley faced) organ. You can either go with the modern version of Hello Kitty or her vintage cousin. Perfect for newbie pre-meds or high school students with an aversion to dissection, these toys are tons more fun then the boring models you’re forced to study in class every semester.

Props the the Doc for such a cute concept. This is ALMOST as clever as the hand-knit anatomy frogs they sell over at Etsy.com.



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