HELP! I’m Graduating and terrified!

As you toss your cap in the air while holding your diploma, you realize your high school journey has now come to an end. It was a major accomplishment in your life, yet after the feelings subside, reality sets in. Decisions need to be made on what will come to follow our high school days. Many will set off to the college, others may take a year to study abroad, while some may head straight into the workforce. How do you know what’s best for you?

Follow along for some tips to ease the emotions of transitioning into the next phase of your life. Trust me, it’s not that bad.


Lets talk money

Whether living on a college campus or living on your own, it is essential to keep track of your finances. Many high school graduates are unaware of the importance of staying within a budget. Learning how to understand expenses; from buying textbooks, grocery shopping and even personal purchases, managing your own money is a harsh reality. How many of us actually know how to balance a checkbook? Planning a monthly budget will help you more than you know.

Leaving your comfort zone

Attending a new environment with unfamiliar faces can make a newcomer feel frightened and on edge. But in order to personally grow in the years to come you need to take risks, even if it means making mistakes. Going out of your way to meet new people, getting involved in a club you’re passionate about or even trying out a new sport can help push you out of your comfort zone. By trying something new, we are able to not only learn new things about ourselves, but meet people that share similar interests.

Stepping into adulthood

Graduating from high school means freedom, but with freedom comes responsibility. Readjusting to a new schedule means learning how to be on time for class, work and extra curricular activities. This is key in order to maintain a balanced lifestyle. To minimize the stress of everyday life it is helpful to use a calendar or an app like By staying on top of tasks it will allow you to set deadlines and goals throughout the week.

Professional world, here I come

After graduating high school, many students believe they need to have their whole life figured out right away—but this is a myth. In no way should you feel the pressures of figuring out the rest of your life before it has even really begun; the best is yet to come. The future is always subject to change; while it is important to set goals and make decisions about your academic studies and career path, there is no harm in taking the time to figure it all out.

Leap into the next step of your life open-minded to uncover all the endless possibilities! Don’t be afraid to seek out help because the more questions you ask, the more you grow as an individual.
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